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December 24, 2013 Diving in Bali Posted In: Diving, Indonesia

A lot of people ask me about my diving trips to Bali. Where to go and which dive operator so this post should answer all of it.



We have been to 2 places in Bali – Tulamben and Nusa Penida. Both locations would require Advanced Open Water certification to fully enjoy the experience. You could easily go beyond 30m but it is a relatively easy dive at Tulamben. I didn’t experienced any currents, however shore entry is always challenging for me due to the boulders. It takes around 3 hours on car to get to Tulamben from Bali airport depending on traffic so I would suggest you to stay in Sanur or Candidasa overnight if you are arriving late. The area is nice, laid back with some good restaurants. Nusa Penida is an island off Bali with choppy waters due to the water flowing through the channels. The ride to the dive sites could be bumpy so hold on tight when you’re on the speedboat! Please make sure you are an experienced diver as the sites here could be challenging due to the rapid current change. I have been to Crystal Bay, 2 x Manta points and Ped. I would suggest to bring a 5mm suite if you are afraid of cold as the water temperature is around 23 to 25C. I wore a 3mm full suite with a rash guard and hood, it was comfortable for me. Crystal Bay and Manta point are the most popular dive sites in Bali so expect to see 20 divers or more in the water on a busy day! It can become confusing when there are too many people in the water so make sure you have a tag on your tank or yourself to be able to identify each other. Watch your dive computer, the current can change within seconds so do not try to swim out to chase after Mola-Mola (sunfish) as the current from the channel could possible drag you down or away! (There had been a few casualties so safety first)


Last but not least, we have always used AquaMarine for all our dive arrangement in Bali. You could get them to plan out your entire trip right from you land at the airport to pickup and transfer to the arranged hotel and diving activities the next day. They are trustworthy and very efficient!


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